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Centrum Media Tech Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, established in January 2005 is incorporated under The Companies Act, 1956 (No. 1 of 1956) in New Delhi, India. Working with a small though very efficient team, we celebrated our 10 years in existence with the launch of IndianBureaucracy.com, our first baby step into the informative world of publishing. We are an advertising, branding and sales representation company handling media planning and buying for niche clients and audiences .We provide a smart and efficient alternative to media owners/ publishers, who are looking to enhance their operational efficiency by outsourcing their advertising sales. Many niche publishers who provide rich content to the www audience outsource their Sales & Marketing functions to CentruMedia, hence focusing on their core competence of generating quality content for their publications and readers. We are one of the most sought after Representation Company who believe in value addition in every action and have set high moral and operational standards for self and publishers. Being ethical and transparent is THE Most Important business tool in CentruMedia. We understand that Business Markets are different than Consumer Markets, hence all our marketing plans offer carefully pinpointed market segment to optimise our client’s marketing program. Our specialisation is in connecting the industries under B2B segment, especially engaged, in heavy equipments, defence, turnkey projects, Railways, etc to their right audience digitally and shortly via Print media.

What makes us niche

Salient features of using our platform are: We help reach the economy's biggest spender - Govt. of India, Central and State level & PSU’s.
  • We help you addresses the Buying centre i.e., decision makers and spenders across the depts. at state and national level.
  • No Crowding - Clearly segmented vertical visited by relevant Audience only - These are Niche Web portals catering to the community of Bureaucrats/Technocrats/IPS officers and Defence personnel only.
  • You help your Sales team by being visible where it matters & further strengthen your Brand recall.
  • Flexibility to Run Advertorials, showcase your achievements/power of your product, share your story (e.g. how your product helped Govts in different countries/states or across various departments/PSU’s)


At CentruMedia, we believe that we are brand ambassadors of You as an editor and owner and for Your quality Publication. This is a relationship of mutual trust and we believe in great deal of deliberation in our actions. Incremental Sales model for your Business CentruMedia’s efforts are focused in creating a sustainable revenue streams for our partners while you enjoy the benefits that run parallel to your all existing monetization efforts. This ensures a zero conflict operationally and automatically leads towards greater monetization of your web inventory. Value Benchmarking Centrum being focused audience delivery platform shall always push for the best possible rates from the advertiser. We will take every reasonably possible step to break the current pricing benchmarks if we find it to be highly undervalued, we will also assist our partners with re-defining where necessary the perception and position them strongly and in right fashion in the relevant segment. Audience before Self We are not a Performance agency hence our focus is least on conventional monetization models like CPM, CPC , CPL or CPA. CentruMedia believes and requests its partners (clients and publishers alike) to put the Target Audience before Inventory. We do not advocate the inventory manipulation since mass commoditization of inventory plagued with unrelated advertisements leads to lower yields for Publishers. TG Segmentation CentruMedia specializes in bridging the gap by bringing premium advertisers to publishers. We succeed because we believe in matching the audiences to relevant advertisers. FOR PUBLISHER QUERIES please write to us at Saurabh@CentruMedia.com or simply call Saurabh at +919818510088, we will love to talk to you.


Centrum Media Tech Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, established in January 2005 is incorporated under The Companies Act, 1956 (No. 1 of 1956) in New Delhi, India. We represent an aggressive digital media platform addressing the very niche segment of Media & Tech, Parliamentarians,  Bureaucracy, Medical care professionals, Defence, Engineers Talent pool, Cookery/ Women/ Kids  of India. Our strength lies in B2B advertising and branding with focus on lead sectors under ‘Make in India’ programme. We understand that Business Markets are different than Consumer Markets and must be treated differentially. If you are an Industry leader engaged in B2B segment listed below have increasing felt the challenge of Clutter, futility of mass media, lack of options to engage with right Target Audience we are just the answer you are seeking.
Automobile & components Aviation Bio Technology Chemicals
Construction Defence manufacturing Electrical Machinery Electronic systems
Food processing IT & BPM Leather Mining
Oil & Gas Pharmaceuticals Ports Railways
Renewable Energy Roads & Highways Smart Cities Space
Thermal Power Tourism & Hospitality Textiles Wellness

Our specialisation is in connecting the industries under B2B segment and help brands start a meaningful conversation with only their consumer groups. We increase your brand’s reach by leveraging the strength of our platform by summing the reach of multiple premium partners. We make it possible for our advertisers to collaboratively create content led solutions across the digital platform and soon we will be offering solutions via Print media too.  Feel free to share your stories and case studies and we will request our partner publishers to share the same, however please note that CentruMedia has no influence on the editorial aspect of the publishers it is sole prerogative of the Publisher.

FOR ADVERTISING QUERIES please write to us at Saurabh@CentruMedia.com or simply call Saurabh at +919818510088,we will love to hear from you.

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Registered Office:

World Trade Centre, Ground Floor,
GF-01, M-6, Uppal Plaza, District Centre,
Jasola, New Delhi-110025 [INDIA]

Corporate & Correspondence Address:

1, AmSoft, Unitech Trade Centre,
Sector-43, Sushant Lok-1,
Gurgaon-122002. Haryana [INDIA],
Tel: -0124-404 0001, 9818610088,
Email: saurabh@centrumedia.com,
Website: www.centrumedia.in